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The Executive


The Municipal Affairs has a mandate to bring about a system of local government that efficiently provides needed services throughout the province, at a cost that is affordable to local taxpayers and without contributing unduly to demands for provincial government expenditures. To this end, the Department works with its stakeholders to recommend, to government, appropriate legislation, policy and program directions.

Effective delivery of this mandate requires leadership, vision, planning and coordination in addition to administration and control of delivery of the Department's programs and services. This function is provided by the Department's Executive which comprises the Office of the Deputy Minister, the Assistant Deputy Minister and Executive Directors. The Executive is the focal point in setting direction for the Department and coordinating and planning its activities to ensure that the Department meets its current mandate and serves its clients effectively while assessing and adjusting the Department's Programs and services to meet changing realities.

Contact Information

Colleen Janes
Deputy Minister
Department of Municipal Affairs
Tel: (709) 729-3049
Paul C. Smith
Assistant Deputy Minister
Municipal Support & Policy
Department of Municipal Affairs
Tel: (709) 729-3066
Rick Healey
Assistant Deputy Minister
Employment Support
Department of Municipal Affairs
Tel: (709) 729-3016
Cluney Mercer
Assistant Deputy Minister
Municipal Engineering & Planning
Department of Municipal Affairs
Tel: (709) 729-5326
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